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Buy gift cards from national retailers and earn money for your gymnast expenses.

There is an organization called the Great Lake Scrip Center and they are basically a distributor for a wide variety of gift cards.  The basics are this:  You sign up, search through the list of all the different retailers that offer gift cards through SCRIP, and make your order online.  A volunteer parent (currently Amy Myers) sets a deadline for ordering and sends in a group order.  Within 2-3 days, the cards will arrive, are sorted by a volunteer parent (currently Amy Myers), then distributed to you.

The list of retailers is expansive and, best of all, are for purchases that most of us use everyday. When you buy the cards through this program, you will get a rebate that will go to your gymnast's fundraising account.  Last year there were several parents that were able to pay large portions of their assessments with the rebates they received from the cards.  EXAMPLE:  Walmart is one of the retailers.  The gift cards are available in $25, $100, $500 denominations.  The rebate is 2%.  So basically you buy the gift card for $25, and you will get $.50 rebate. 

When you place an order there are two options for paying for you cards.  You can write a check for your total.  Make it out to the GPA.  Or you can sign up for PRESTO-PAY.  If you do that then the amount you spend will be deducted directly from your checking account.  It is very safe and secure!!!!!  PRESTO-PAY is the easiest way to do it. 

Instructions to Register
1.   Go to: www.shopwithscrip.com and to the left you will see a box that says "CREATE AN ACCOUNT"
2.   Follow the four simple steps and click "I ACCEPT"
3.   Enter your enrollment code and click "JOIN"
4.   Enrollment Code:  396657B62L786